Problem opening .TIF with QuickTime

The QuickTime player will try to open the .TIF file which it can't display properly.
You should use another image viewer, such as alternatiff) or the
default microsoft image viewer. 
Here are the instructions on how to disable QuickTime from opening .TIF files:

   1. Click on Start then on Settings and the Control Panel
   2. Double-click on QuickTime (not on QuickTime 32 if you have older version)
   3. In the window that opens click on "Browser Plug-in" in the drop-down menu. Or, if you have Quicktime 7
      or greater, click the tab that is labelled, "Browser", then proceed to the next step.
   4. Click on MIME Settings… button
   5. Click on the + sign in front of Images to expand the selection
   6. Uncheck the box for TIFF image file
   7. Click on OK
   8. Close the QuickTime Settings window
   9. Restart all instances of your web browser. (VERY IMPORTANT)